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Friday 23rd of February 2018    

Q.  I'm not getting notices?  Why isn't eNotify working?

A.  There are a few potential issues here:


  1. eNotify can't auto-start when you restart your device.  You must open eNotify at least once after you turn the device on.
  2. eNotify does everything it can to stay alive in the background, but there are some occasions where iOS may shut the app down without warning.  These are usually related to memory or processor constraints and so this will happen most often after you're using other larger apps.  Checking back in with eNotify occasionally will help make sure the app is always on.
  3. Double check and make sure your account information is correct.  Use the "Test Account Settings" button in the account setup screen to make sure eNotify can connect to your email provider.


Q.  What is an IMAP host and how do I find mine?

A.  IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol and it's how most email providers allow access from remote clients to your email.  Even most web email services like Google and Yahoo provide IMAP settings.  The host, user name, and password will be provided by your email provider.  If you're unsure what these are, send your email provider's support group a note.

Q.  What is TLS and why do I care?

A.  TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. This is an encryption protocol available for configuration on top of regular settings.  Most providers allow access with TLS and without TLS.  If you have an option, choose to enable TLS.  It's just safer.

Q.  I have all sorts of files I'd like to use for my alert sounds.  How do I add my own sound alerts?

A.  You can add your own sound alerts via iTunes File Sharing.  Connect your device to iTunes and then click on the device (from the left-hand menu).  Select the Apps tab and then scroll towards the bottom.  You'll find the file sharing area there.  Choose eNotify from the list of apps.  This will let you add and remove your own sound files for use as email alerts.